Welcome to londonboy.org, Kiel's collective of fansites & fanlistings dedicated to crap he finds really interesting - the majority of which tend to be made in Japan. My favorite things to make sites about are video games, music, loud women, and crossdressing tweens. I don't live in Europe.

A dedication to pop-rockin' singer, TV presenter, & accomplished stage actress, Mizuki Watanabe - known by her stage name as Miz. Fanlisting sold separately.

bare grace
A fansite & fanlisting for Yuko Sasaki, one of my very first favorite singers whose pure, sopranic voice is still not unlike that of a phone sex operator.

january language
The fanlisting for Yuko Sasaki's best known song, and the opening theme for the Himiko-den TV anime series, PURE SNOW.

bell, book, & candle
The fanlisting for alternative singer songwriter, Hitomi Yaida. Yaiko is a staple in the Japanese music scene at this point, and for a hell of a good reason.

A shrine & fanlisting to Watarase Jun, everyone's favorite trap from the Happiness! franchise. Jun's undeniably awesome - he has love pillows & titty mousepads in his likeness, for christ's sake.

A one-page shrine to Aikawa Akane from Mahou Tsukai Tai!. Akane is the original free-spirited teen socialite, making the movers & shakers of today look like hermit crabs.

The fanlisting for tri-Ace & Square Enix's 2005 RPG endeavor for the PS2, Radiata Stories. I love this game: it's funny, engaging, and its graphics look like they've been polished in a rock tumbler.

An eventual shrine & the fanlisting to Diece, the legendary sorceress from Capcom's Breath of Fire RPG series. Known as Bleu & Deis in the NA versions, Diece is a total bro and I've been a fan of her since I was, like, 8.

The fanlisting to Viluy, a member of the Witches 5 from Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon S. Viluy is one of my favorite villians in the series, and the only one whose hat looks like shower tile.

The fanlisting for Celes' Theme, a BGM composed by Nobuo Uematsu for the character of Celes Chere in Final Fantasy VI. I could gush about FF6 and Celes here all day if it wouldn't throw this layout's alignment out of whack.