Welcome to Rated X, a small tribute and TFL-approved fanlisting for the bombastic serpentine sorceress from Capcom's Breath of Fire video game series known as Diece. Diece is better known to North American and European players as either Bleu or Deis, depending on which installment you're playing. The content in this shrine will focus primarily on the original Japanese versions of the series and will be absolutely pissed on with spoilers, so please read on with caution.

List updated: 7 January 2018
Member count: 4 listed fans

If you're a fan of Diece, please consider adding your name to the fanlisting! It only requires your name and a valid email to enlist, so let the internets know you're a fan of your favorite mystical boozehound. Diece is listed at The Fanlistings directory under the Games: Game Characters category, because it'd be weird to put her under Sports Entertainment or something.

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