Rated X was uploaded on March 10, 2012, and was created using Adobe Photoshop CS4, Notepad++, and a bunch of my own scans (because I own a lot of BoF crap). I probably should have put this on the main page, but the site is best viewed in current versions of Firefox, Opera, and even Internet Explorer at a resolution of 1024x768 or greater.

diece / deis / bleu

In the North American and European translations of Breath of Fire, Diece's name is changed to Bleu in BoF 1 & 2, and romanized to Deis in 3 & 4. Since "Deis" can be considered a proper romanization of ディース, most fans, understandably, think that's how her name is meant to be written in English. But, according to the Breath of Fire: Official Complete Works artbook released by Capcom in Japan, the proper way to spell her name in English is actually Diece, which is why I choose to refer to her with that spelling.

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