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Welcome to Boys Keep Swinging, the TFL & TAFL approved fanlisting and tribute for the hottest cross-dressing girlyboy this side of the Akihabara scene - Jun Watarase!

It's no secret that Jun's "secret" is the true driving force behind the popularity of the Happiness! game franchise, so if you're one of the many who love Jun in all of his anatomical glory, feel free to join the fanlist and let the world know!

List updated: 9 November 2017
60 fans fancy Jun!


the down & dirty

Happiness! 101 » An introduction to the series in which Jun has stolen the spotlight. It's a happy and heartful school life!

All About Jun » Boys Keep Swinging presents the unauthorized biography of Watarase Jun. You know you're curious.

Fanlistings! 101 » "What's a fanlist? Can I eat it?" Take a moment to brush up the facts if you're new to the fanlisting scene.

The Fanlisting;

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Registration » Profess your love for Jun by reserving a spot on the roster. It only takes a moment and it's relatively painless!

The Fan Roster » Otherwise known as the "people who have professed their love for Jun by reserving a spot on the roster" list.

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More Information;

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Cast Enquette » Fellow Happiness! castmates are given a penny and asked for their thoughts.

Aesthetics » A fashionable fashion catalogue for a fabulously fashionable fashionista. ..of fashion.

The Fan Club » Get to know the six students who's love for Jun knows no bounds - and have the badges to prove it.

The Figures » Jun's immortalizations in PVC.

Voice Talent » Showing some respect for the lovely lady behind Jun's delightfully crisp voice.


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Screencaps » Still captures from the Happiness! animation.

Video Clips » Tune into Channel J for all of your Jun viewing!

Jukebox » Rock out with songs from the series - Jun's and more!

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Systematics » Behind the scenes at Boys Keep Swinging.

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