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commentaries from jun's friends

If you had the chance to sit down with the cast of Happiness!, how do you think they would respond when asked to say a few things about their good friend Jun? Boys Keep Swinging had the opportunity to ask Jun's friends and colleagues how they feel about him, and found out some interesting things.

Yuuma Kohinata :: Friend / Token Male Protagonist
"Jun and I have been friends for a long time. I thought he was a girl when we first met, but after he stood on his hands and wrapped his legs around my neck, I could feel that he was different. I really don't understand him sometimes, but then again, I have trouble understanding crossing signals."

Hachisuke "Hachi" Takamizo :: Friend / Horndog
"Me and Jun don't go as far back and me and Yuuma, but we still have something special. Jun's kinda like a wife to me, 'cause he keeps me in line and kicks me in the face a lot. Uhm.. sometimes I get a happy thinking about him in bunny outfits."

Haruhi Kamisaka :: Heroine / Emotional Bucket
"Jun is.. well.. a very special person. I thought he was Yuuma's girlfriend at first, which upset me a little at the time, but.. we've become great friends since then, and I've become even closer to Yuuma! Although.. if Yuuma ever started to have romantic feelings for Jun, I don't know what I would do.. I'd probably go insane and beat a homeless person to death."

Sumomo Kohinata :: Yuuma's Sister / Adorable Lolicon
"I'm really glad Jun is one of my brother's best friends. Jun is a kind and funny person, and I enjoy walking with him to school and back everyday. I would be just like Jun if I could, but you wouldn't believe how hard it is to make a penis out of Play-Doh."

Ibuki Shikimori :: Transfer Student / Heinous Bitch
"Who are you?! I demand that you answer me right at this moment or I will make you regret the day you clawed forth from the womb."

Otoha Kohinata :: Yuuma's Mother / Proprietor of Cafe Oasis

"Eh? Jun is a boy?"

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