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Full Name: Jun Watarase (渡良瀬 準)
Birthdate: September 20th
Bloodtype: AB
Height: 156cm (5'1")
Three Sizes: None • of your • business
Signature Motto:"Love and Peace!"
Signature Attack: Patriot Missile Kick
Usual Recipient of Signature Attack: Hachisuke Takamizo
Voice: Fuuri Samoto (PC), Michiru Yuimoto (Anime & PS2)

Jun has all the facets of a teenage goddess. Smart, beautiful, and popular, Jun's feminine wiles and crystal clear voice make all the boys drool and all the girls blush. You can't argue that that's a pretty impressive feat, considering that Jun is a boy.

Jun's role in Happiness! is that of one of Yuuma's closest friends. Along with Yuuma and Hachi, Jun is a junior in the regular division of Mizuhozaka, where his is well known by many of the students and staff for his crossdressing (although not everyone in the school is aware he's a boy). His androgynous ways are generally accepted by everyone, most likely because he has such a gregarious personality in addition to killer gams. Jun is a friend, fantasy, and idol to many of his fellow students - he even has a fanclub!

It's no secret why Jun likes to keep his girlish mannerisms. In fact, his reason is so logical and simple, it just might make your head explode! In his own (paraphased) words, Jun enjoys acting femme because "it's just so much more fitting for him". Of course, Jun would prefer to really be female, but he's far from bitter towards his boy parts - just having the mindset and appearance of a girl is enough to satisfy him. Jun's lifestyle has lead him to a variety of part-time jobs involving cosplay and waitressing, although nobody but Jun is exactly sure where those jobs took place or what they entailed. He also models for various fashion magazines, but generally keeps the fact that he's a boy a secret.

Jun is the kind of friend that everyone should have by their side. He's a clear thinker, a good judge of character, and wants only the best for the people he cares about. Jun is actually rather lost when it comes to his own desires, however; a trait which he keeps to himself and tries to make up for by helping others work through their problems.

Jun has his own funny little fantasy world as well, his friendship with Yuuma being the most prominent example. Jun has had the hots for Yuuma for quite some time, and firmly believes that they will one day be an item. However, Jun is a realistic thinker when a situation calls for it, and in all actuality he knows that the chances of Yuuma ever feeling the same way are slim. That's why he often tries to help advance Yuuma's relationship with Haruhi, because he knows that that's who Yuuma actually likes (even if Yuuma isn't aware of it himself most of the time).

Regardless of being a subcharacter, Jun has inadvertently become the highlight of Happiness!, and definitely saves it from being an average harem title. If Jun were a real person, I'm sure he'd be even more delighted to know that his fanbase consists more of boys than it does girls!

fun facts about jun

» Jun has his own route in the Happiness! Re:Lucks fan disc entitled"Pachiness!". If you make the right choices throughout his segment, you'll come to the outcomes where you get to go on a "date" with Jun and choose his gender. Two sets of adult scenes with Jun were created for this, making Happiness! one of the few heterosexual-oriented hentai games with a male/male sex scene in its repertoire.

» Happiness! De:Lucks, the PS2 version of the original Happiness! PC game, was released with a limited edition package that included a special OVA called Watarase Jun no Karei naru Ichinichi. The storyline is loosely based off of Jun's story in Re:Lucks, and seemingly takes place after the events in the TV anime series.

» Mutsuki Mizusaki's Eternal Friends ~From Happiness!~, one of the several light novels that has been published for the series, is an original story placing Jun as the lead heroine who is once again magically transformed into a girl as he and Yuuma grow closer.

» Jun has his own character song on the Happiness! Vocal Collection CD called Daisuki da yo.... It's rare for boys to have character songs in a harem series, which the producers gave a nod to by referring to the song as a special track. Like the rest of the heroines' songs, Jun's is performed by his anime seiyuu, Michiru Yuimoto, who also recorded a special voice message for the album. You can listen to them both at the Jukebox.

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