The Fanclub;

every teen idol needs one

Within the halls of Mizuhozaka High are six individuals who have banded together to share in their love for Jun and spread the gospel of his majesty. They are loyal. They are trustworthy. They are surprisingly hot? Yes, they are Jun's Official Fan Club.

Jun's fan club isn't featured much in the series, but a lot can be said for first impressions. Although pretty much everyone in Mizuhozaka likes Jun to some degree, there are only six known members of the club. They wear pink armbands adorned with Jun's name to show their membership and have club meetings with him on a seemingly regular basis. When Jun is transformed into a girl in the OVA, their concern over what will happen to the club quickly subsides after Jun charmingly reassures them the club will stay the same (refer to the above photo for their reaction), so they obviously must love Jun regardless of what's in his pants. Then again, who doesn't?

the club members

It's a shame that we don't really get the chance to become aquainted with the club alumni, because they actually look like an interesting bunch of characters. Here are some speculations about the group based on fleeting first impressions.

This is the president of the club. My first impression? OMG EDWARD ELRIC IS THE PRESIDENT OF JUN'S FAN CLUB. Yes, the power of Jun has not only healed Ed's metal bits, but it also made him taller! YAY! In all seriousness, though, I think this guy is the perfect choice for president. He seems nice enough, and hell, next to Jun he's the prettiest person in the club.

This girl has "vice president" written all over her flawless face. She's probably the type who thinks she deserves everything for being so pretty, but always comes in second because her karma is filthier than an oil slick. In reality she probably hates Jun for having all the glory, and only joined the club in hopes of bringing him down from the inside one day. What a bitch!

What we have here is obviously the macho guy of the group. You can tell because of his massive eyebrows and big, pointy hair (not to be confused with Hachi's, who's just a large ball of fur). In addition to the fanclub, he's probably also involved with karate, kendo, judo, and asserting his manliness by punching people who look at him oddly. Oh, and he wears the club seal on his head instead of his arm (because he's such a badass).

I feel kind of sorry for this girl when I look at her. She seems shy and softspoken, and is most likely ignored by many. I'll bet Jun is the only person to ever give her attention, and that's a very good thing, because at least he'll be off the hitlist when she finally loses it and blows up the world.

Hey, it's Sporty Spice! This girl looks like the super athlete that all the other girls idolize during gym class. Her admiration for Jun is probably rooted in major penis envy, though. I can picture her kickboxing a punching bag for hours on end, shouting "WHY CAN'T I HAVE ONE?!" through clenched teeth.

Last, and certainly least, is the emo weirdo who never says anything. Some might view him as "misunderstood", whereas I tend to envision him collecting fingernails and dead fish in mason jars. At any rate, I think it's safe to assume that Jun is the only reason this boy has yet to sit in a tub and pop open a vein. That is, if he isn't already a corpse.

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