The Figures;

life in plastic, it's fantastic

Jun has had two full-scale PVC released in his likeness, making him one of the first (or was he the first?) crossdressing male characters to be popular enough to warrant two separate productions. Not only that, his first figure actually got a re-release. Good on you, Jun!

Solid Theater;

the one with the optional vag

Jun's figure from Solid Theater was released in August 2009, with a second run in March 2010. Sculpted by Maki Munetoshi to 1/7 scale, Jun comes with two swappable faceplates and two swappable crotches (bulge or no bulge). The figure isn't a cast-off, and you can't see under his skirt unless you flip him over and take a direct look, so the inclusion of the girl parts is probably just a nod to his route in Re:Lucks. Even though we all know it isn't.

Although not pictured below, Jun comes with a pink base in the shape of the male gender symbol on which he sits unattached.


the one with the sex doll mouth

Jun's second figure comes from Kotobukiya as part of their "4-Leaves Legend Girls" series. Sculpted to 1/8 by Kohata Takahiro and released in January 2010, this figure also includes two face plates, as well as two different arm pieces. Jun's anatomy was left intact for this design. That means he has a package in his panties and you can't take it off.

The base shown above is from a prototype that was altered prior to release; the actual base is once more a pink male symbol. However, Jun is pegged to this base in order to properly stand.

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