Happiness! 101;

a history of happiness

Happiness! was originally introduced in late 2005 as an adult PC game from the popular production company Windmill. The game quickly became popular among fans and, as with most other "hot titles", branched out into several other forms of media within in a year. The original character designs for the game, as well as most of its related product illustrations, are by Japanese illustrator Ko~cha.

Relax With Re:Lucks

In July 2006, Windmill released a follow-up to the original game called Happiness! Re:Lucks under their newly-formed "Oasis" label. Re:Lucks offered seven original short stories, one for each of the main heroines and certain sub characters, as well as an original Mahjong game. Re:Lucks is considered a supplemental "fandisk" rather than a sequel or full game.

De:Lucks stands for Deluxe. I think.

On January 25th 2007, Marvelous Interactive released a more age-friendly version of the original PC game for the Playstation 2 entitled Happiness! De:Lucks. The PS2 version cuts out the explicit adult content found in the original, and has several new scenarios and bonus features added to the story. The vocals have also been re-recorded by the cast of the anime series.

Animu & Magnum

A 12-episode Happiness! anime series, produced by Artland Animation, was broadcast during the fall season of 2006. The anime largely features the same vocal cast as that of the PC game - most noteably Yui Sakakibara, Mia Naruse, and Yura Hinata.

Happiness! has also been adapted into several light novels and a two-volume manga series. The manga, authored by Rino Fujii, began serialization in Media Factory's Monthly Comic Alive digest in August 2006. Other official publications include a "visual fanbook" artbook for the game.


it's a happy & heartful school life

The story of Happiness! takes place in present day Japan, where supernatural magic is not only real, but is also accepted by the public and taught at schools. Haruhi Kamisaka is a junior in the magic department at Mizuhozaka High School, as well as the token idol among the students. As a child, Haruhi was rescued from a pack of bullies by a chipper young lad wielding powerful magic. Ever since that incident Haruhi has been interested in magic herself, with hopes of helping others with her abilities and possibly meeting her young knight once again.

On the day before Valentine's Day, Haruhi encounters Yuuma Kohinata, another junior who attends the regular classes at her school. Upon meeting Yuuma, Haruhi is vaguely reminded of the boy who helped her and instantly falls a bit smitten. Unfortunately, Yuuma is suddenly called away by a vivacious young "girl" with lush purple hair, pearly white skin, and legs to absolutely die for, so Haruhi doesn't have a chance to get further aquainted. However, when the building containing the school's magic department suddenly blows up, the magic students must merge with the regular students until it is repaired. Much to Haruhi's surprise, she is placed in the same class as Yuuma!

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