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vocalizing jun

Yuimoto Michiru (結本 ミチル / みちる) voiced Jun in the adult releases of Happiness! as Fuuri Samoto, then put her actual name on the bill for the non-adult adaptations. She also provided the voice for Haruhi's magic wand, Soprano. Michiru was born in Tokyo on February 25th. She's currently signed to the Pro-Fit talent agency, and primarily performs in bishoujo titles. Michiru is a very good artist and draws the illustrations on her websites. She's known to have odd dreams, and often draws pictures inspired by what happened in them.

Samoto Fuuri (佐本 二厘) is the name Michiru uses when she voices adult titles (in some cases, she goes by Daishou Tsuzura). Many voice artists perform in adult roles, but, like Michiru, they're more oft to be credited under another name.

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