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Fanlists are fan-made and fan-owned. They are not affiliated with or endorsed by any celebrities or companies that they may focus on. This means that the owner of this list is not Hitomi Yaida and does not have any affiliations with her or her associates.

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Bell Book & Candle is named after the B-side track of Yaiko's Hitori JENGA single. It's a soft, relaxed, folk song with accompanying vocals from Kotaro Kubota. It is also the name of an American film from 1958 that was originally based on a play by John Van Druten. BB&C was opened in 2003, making it one damn old fanlisting.

On May 9th, 2010, the info of all 150+ members was lost because I did a bad and accidently clicked delete while editing a template in Enthusiast. Did you know not all versions of Enthusiast had a "confirm deletion" prompt? 'Cause, yeah. Some didn't.

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