give me a five

Yuko Sasaki / First Album

Release Date Product Code JAN / ISBN
1998 MAR 25 PIDL-1251 4988102162856


01. Introduction
02. 勉強しようよ (benkyou shiyou yo)
03. Mr. Policeman
04. you are my dream
05. farewell song
06. 元気ですか (genki desu ka) (Album Version)
07. 恋はC'est si bon (koi wa c'est si bon)
08. いちばんいい時 (ichiban ii toki)
09. Epilogue

Release Notes

❣ First press editions come with a clear plastic slipcover and a 16-page photo booklet. The album itself is factory sealed but comes in a resealable cellophane sleeve with stickers containing the tracklist and promotional info.

❣ Both the first pressings of this album and the genki desu ka single included coupons that could be redeemed together for entry in a mail-in raffle that awarded 300 customers a special watch designed by Yuko.

❣ The lyrics for you are my dream were written by Yuko. The introduction and epilogue are comprised of snippets from the song.

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